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A Letter to My Father, If Only…

A Letter to My Father, If Only…

Dear Dad:   I was six years old when your life was taken by someone that you knew in Fort Worth, Texas. I never got to meet you, and I have been searched for you all of my life. I finally got the keys to unlock your vault this year. I have no clue about … Continue reading

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I am a social change agent and always thinking about how to best serve the global community. I believe that we all have a purpose on this earth and if nothing else it is to treat others as we want to be treated. I have no fear - none at all. And, neither should you!

Read my latest scholarly work entitled: 'The Electric Life of Prince Rogers Nelson' in the Journal of African American Studies. The latest published edition (September 2017) of the journal is dedicated to the life of the artist formerly known as - a great artist, musician, and humanitarian. *Click on image to access article.

ART | library deco will debut its summer digital photography exhibition featuring Jewell Rosebud Mazique on June 4, 2018 thru September 4, 2018. Jewell R. Mazique: The African American Library Clerk will spotlight nearly 50 still-life images taken in 1942 of the activist, writer, library clerk, and mother. Click on image to access exhibition.

Learn how to search for your African American ancestors in this introductory genealogy workshop.The workshop is held for two hours an in intimate virtual setting. All participants will learn the basics of searching their family history using online accredited resources. Click on image to learn more and book your seat.