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Back to the basics, writing, soulfully.

Back to the basics, writing, soulfully.

then you_realize you need to get it together life is not waiting on you so.u.do.better. the news comes the after/affect/effects notes blown through a horn written by yours truly_you homegrown then we realize its about the way we live our lives obituaries archived daily did you vote? sipping coffee, shop espresso thinking about the hate you … Continue reading

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I am a social change agent and always thinking about how to best serve the global community. I believe that we all have a purpose on this earth and if nothing else it is to treat others as we want to be treated. I have no fear - none at all. And, neither should you!

Read my latest scholarly work entitled: 'The Electric Life of Prince Rogers Nelson' in the Journal of African American Studies. The latest published edition (September 2017) of the journal is dedicated to the life of the artist formerly known as - a great artist, musician, and humanitarian. *Click on image to access article.

Now Archived: ART | library deco's Summer Digital Photography Exhibition: Jewell R. Mazique: The African American Library Clerk spotlights nearly 20 still-life images taken in 1942 of the activist, writer, library clerk, and mother by John Collier for the U.S. Office of the Coordinator of Information. Additionally, the digital photography exhibition will feature archival materials including scholarly articles, rare documents, and press about her life. Click on Image & Visit Online Exhibition Today.

The Art of African American Vintage Genealogy is now published and available for all genealogy gurus! Learn how to search for your family history in four phases. About the eBook. The eBook is designated in four phases including: Intro to Databases, Military Records, The Freedmen's Bureau, and Maps, Books, Newspapers, and Rare Documents. Click on eBook and invest in your future.


Social Rants

...trying it out. I got the coffee milk unitea. #coffeemilktea #uniteabubbletea #letssee #coffeetealover😊 #ijs
...still in awe of the Arlington Public Library. The architecture is amazing! #arlingtonpubliclibrary #publiclibrariesmatter #ubettathink2018
...I started my poetry curating career at this museum. I was the first and only African American Poet to host in this museum for four years! So many memories! #ubettathink2018 #blackcoffeethepoetryhost #afterhours #arlingtontx
...u know I gotta keep this fresh cut! My barber and big brother, all my life!!!!! His name is Marlin Wright @ Razors Edge Barber Shop on Harwood in Woodhaven. The only man that can touch my dome in DFW! Best cuts in town. Walk_in's only on Saturday! #ubettathink2018 #blackbarbersrock #ftworthtxbarber
...Cindabell will turn 12 years next month. We got a pre-teen on our hands. She is fabulous in every way and 5/4 in height. I think she will be at least 6 feet and some change before she is a senior in high school. #ubettathink2018 #cindabell
...had to stop at Garret's Popcorn Shop! #garretspopcornchicago #ubettathink2018
...glowing!!! Just did that thang! I am free -Jesus. Yah girl, was fiah. I feel so good and empowered after giving my speech. Now, headed to writing an article for the Harlem Encyclopedia coming out in 2019, and my first schololary book about 5 Black Art Librarians from Texas, published by Cambridge Press in 2020. #ubettathink2018 #mylifeisbossy #mynameiskymizsofly #iamablackwriterlibrarianarchivistartist #fashionistaeverydaythang #nylaconference18 #keynoteluncheonspeaker
.....yessssssssssss!!!!!! I am on ten right now. My life is full of so many surprises. I am so honored to be here, and the presentation that accompanied my speech looks fabulous! #ubettathink2018 #nylaconference18 #mynameiskymizsofly #blacklibrarianandarchivist #representingtexas #thankuuniverse
#wroteitinthreeweekends #professionalnarratives #diversityequityNinclusion #letstalkaboutitluncheon #@1230pmest #nylaconference18 #mynameiskymizsofly