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Written-Portraits about Black History on Valentine’s Day 2018

Written-Portraits about Black History on Valentine’s Day 2018

On this Valentine’s Day -aka- Black History Love Day (in my humble opinion): I want to give a special s/o to the Universe for opening up history to me through research, communication, and channeling the spirits of my ancestors. I have accepted the responsibility and duty of telling my family history. I have researched my … Continue reading

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I am a social change agent and always thinking about how to best serve the global community. I believe that we all have a purpose on this earth and if nothing else it is to treat others as we want to be treated. I have no fear - none at all. And, neither should you!

Read my latest scholarly work entitled: 'The Electric Life of Prince Rogers Nelson' in the Journal of African American Studies. The latest published edition (September 2017) of the journal is dedicated to the life of the artist formerly known as - a great artist, musician, and humanitarian. *Click on image to access article.

ART_library deco | ART INSTITUTE in collaboration with the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art will offer two free online art courses for high school, collegiate, adult, and art enthusiasts. Learn more about the first offering - Winter 2018. *Click on image for more details.

Click on image and use the HIPHOPLIBGUIDE online today for all of your research needs. Learn more about the art form using Information Literacy as a model for research. *The e-book version of the website will be available for download Fall 2018.


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#21stcenturyabolitionist ...if u know me - then u know Lena Horne is my girl! I love everything about her! This made my morning!!! #allthatjazz #lenahorne
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#21stcenturyabolitionist My coloring book that I created this past week is a hit! S/O to everyone that has supported me. The coloring book is FREE and available until Feb. 28th!!! ♡♡♡♡ Get your copy and share with others here:
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My Rock and My Salvation, by Kim Poetry On A Roll #ubettathink2018 ...prayed and still standing on what I asked GOD for... Patience can wear u down. However, when u trust with all ur might it always comes to past. I am with u -whoever u are... We still on time in time due time our time. #ubettathink2018 ...I am 5ft tall and winter is my favorite season. I love being a Black Woman. I am what u said I could not be: ME!
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#21stcenturyabolitionist ...Glad I checked the mail. S/O to u know who u are. This is too swet. I am about to buyyyyyy BOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKS!
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Nasir Jones -aka- Nas 
#untitled | By atlas brown
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