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I Keep It Nerdy!

keep calm and write somethingI’ve never been shy about what I wanted out of life. Recently, someone asked if my one goal (which is a big goal) is all that I want in the future. My first passion is writing. I have not written a lot of poetry or creative stories in a long time. I have been busy trying to stay alive, eat, and make a living. Some of that needs to change — how I think about surviving as a writer now at the stage that I’m in. I have now solidified what I want to do professionally on both fronts.The writing will always be first and librarianship second in my life.

When this person asked me what else I wanted out of life for some reason we began talking about my writing. I have always said that I would let it happen. At thirty-six I have written one novella and many books of poetry. I’m not scared of success, the public, or the responsibility that comes with it — but the question had me really thinking about the bigger picture once again. The world is not kind to experimental fiction writers. However, at this point, I’m confident in my writing abilities in the creative world… I will continuously say this. I believe that you have to have think skin in this business if you’re going to be in it for the long haul.

Things have changed so much with technology, being strategic about gaining a fan base is one of the most important moves in becoming the next it on the rise in the literary world. Blogging has really helped me out a lot and allowed me a platform to express myself in a totally different way (from an honest approach). Yes, I’m ready to get back to writing creatively on a full-time basis. When I look at my life as a writer I’ve never stopped, because of circumstances and I believe that is the point of the profession — to write when all hell breaks loose!

My day consisted of talking about my writing and other things. The latter is the most intriguing, because I did not expect the question to come from the person that stated it to me. It has been on my mind all night. I’m big on messages and signs. This was one of them. Before the conversation went into this direction.. She asked me if I wanted a cup of green tea. I thought about it and decided to get a cup. I then began thinking about Thelonious Monk.

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