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Creative Writer Releases EPIC Short Story Excerpt

charliebig2I stumbled upon this new writer, atlas brown, a couple of weeks ago via my friends literary blog. Her work is fascinating. The creative writer offered her first book of poetry,
SOUL ALIVE! Poetry & Prose, on March 1, 2013 for FREE!!

You know these days, people want you to buy their books and can’t even spell their names correctly. My bad, I’m just being truthful. However, there is something different going on in this literary camp. I wanted to read more of her work in general; the book was too short. Once, I heard about her second offering to the public, I immediately downloaded it tonight. I had to write about it.

There are million things that I could have accomplished in the last 30 minutes. After downloading this story and reading it three times. I’m a fan for LIFE!

Charlie.Browne.2.Buthaflies.&.Painky.Lillies, is an experimental short-story turned novella. The writer decided to tease her audience by releasing an excerpt to ignite a literary craze. Trust me, it will work — the writer is that damn good!

Here is a brief synopsis of the story:

Charlie.Browne. is a young African American female dancer. She desperately wants to have a normal life, but doubts her own self-worth. A generational curse forces the girl to come to terms with the dysfunctional relationship that she has with her mother.

In order to escape the issues that live in her psyche, she decides to make a choice at an early age to survive. In adulthood, Charlie.Browne. has to look at her own life and realize that she has everything needed to become a woman with a purpose in life. Despite not being loved or having a cohesive family unit, Charlie.Browne. will either rise to the occasion, and dance or become a…

Read the excerpt from the short-story and support the author by purchasing her first book of fiction in June of 2013. I would not send you in the wrong direction. I love books too much for that. atlas brown just might be the next…

Download/Read/Share: Charlie.Browne.


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