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A Moment of Silence for Roger Ebert

ebert-e1305605464866My aunt just called me and told me that Roger Ebert died. I told her that she is finding out information quicker than I can these days (and I’m the journalist). I sat for a moment and thought about his life. I remember as a kid my mother would let me stay up late at night to watch Siskel and Ebert and The Movies. The show started in 1986 and became an American staple and lasted for 23 years.

Roger Ebert was an American journalist, screenwriter and a Pulitzer-Prize Winning Film Critic. I loved how he was always cool, calm, and collect about his observations of different films. He was never one to go over the top with his opinions, but he was always right on time with his assessments. I will forever be grateful to have grown up in an era that produced great journalists and film critics/historians of his caliber (…don’t know of any outside of Siskel & Ebert to be quite honest in film).

I rather not discuss Ebert’s battle with cancer.We all have to leave this earth; we just don’t know how. I rather just say goodbye and job well done.

R.I.P. (1942-2013)


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