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The Ultimate Literati Trick: Open A Book & Read It

Somebody ScreamI had to share my book list with the world this morning. Though my life is super busy as a graduate student (I’m a future librarian check out my library blog.), dog-owner, literary arts advocate, and my other titles that I hold dear to my heart, I love to read books!

Yes, it is almost May and I have read like it is going out of style. Have you heard about Amazon.com purchasing Goodreads? They say it’s the best merger since sliced bread in the 21st century. I found it to be rather dismal news. Amazon owns everything in regard to books and e-publishing these days. I’ve challenged myself to read 10 books this year (outside of school, outside of journalism, outside of creative writing, and outside of life’s bullshit)

I buy hardback and paperbacks on the regular, and I do adore my Kindle Fire… I just don’t have the time to turn on the device when I can flip a page (… love the printed pages vs. the tablet keys). Okay, so be brave with me and delve in to some of these books. I would love your reaction. The purpose of this article again is to trick you in to reading a book. Let me know if it works.

My Book List 2013

1.) I Am Not Sidney Poitier, by Percival Everett

2.) Swan, by Africa Fine

3.) Brooklyn Follies, by Paul Auster

4.) Somebody Scream, by Marcus Reeves

5.) Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin, by Duncan Tonatiuh

6.) Better Single Than Sorry, by Jen Schefft

7.) Color, Sex, and Poetry, by Gloria T. Hull

8.) Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, by Barack Obama

9.) Changing My Mind, Zadie Smith

10.) Rat, by Fernanda Eberstadt


Life in Technicolor Vol.1, by Tunisia Meek

GRAFFITI NOMMO Spoken Words and Short Stories From The Sunsum, by Nikala Asante


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