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Sunday Aftenoon Date: Life In Technicolor Volume 1: LOVE

lifeintechnicolorofficialcoverRecently a writer out of Philadelphia, PA, Tunisia Jolyn contacted me about her latest book of poetry entitled: Life in Technicolor | Volume 1: LOVE. Once I opened the package mailed to my office, the book cover was artistic and I immediately started reading it.  I’ve often wondered what love means in the 21st century with many people getting divorced;  there are more single women today than in the 1900’s, and men are just you know, men (no pun intended). Tunisia Jolyn’s new book of poetry puts my mind at ease in knowing that experiences are always the best teacher.

Her writing is simply beautiful. I read the book within fifteen minutes and want to read it again. There is something about the undiscovered writer – almost famous. They are the ripple effects that transcend what poetry and writing should attract in a world that is self-centered. Tunisia Jolyn refers to love as an experiment with destiny in this 24-page book of therapeutic lyrical images of what is right and wrong with relationships. The writer says at the beginning of the book:

People search for love

People search for themselves

For we are love

This is dedicated to the searchers and the knowers

Love is a familiar territory if you’ve been searching and knowing its radiance. At times it takes a poet skilled in language to put it all in perspective for the millions in line waiting for commitment and security. As I continued to read, it struck me that Tunisia Jolyn never bashed love, whether it’s received or turned down. Her verbal breakdown of the verb is fascinating.

Personally, I’ve never read a book that makes you want to alter your opinions about love within five minutes of reading. This weekend, my plans are to book a second hot date with Life in Technicolor | Volume 1: LOVE.

You should try it out. It’s that damn good!

Life in Technicolor | Volume 1: LOVE is available for $2.99 via the author’s website, and the writer is allowing the public to read a few of the poems online for FREE.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Aftenoon Date: Life In Technicolor Volume 1: LOVE

  1. Reblogged this on THE JOLYN PROJECT and commented:
    I don’t ever reblog posts but I just got my first review of my first official book and well… once you read it, I think you know why I broke my golden rule. I send so much love (how fitting!) to Kymberly Keeton for this review and her overall support of my writing. I am truly thankful.

    Posted by jolynproject | April 14, 2013, 6:28 pm
  2. So accurate. I have been seeing 1 man who sends quite
    mixed signals so near and affectionate when we see every single other, but with months between calls and dates.
    He recently starting texting me quite suggestively, and shortly following a
    suggestive text to me(on Christmas day), he
    began posting photos on FB of himself and his
    children with another woman. They were acquiring a Christmas tree collectively, cooking in his kitchen, hugging
    and certainly celebrating together. I unfriended him prior to I had even seen them all, then blocked him on
    my phone. Part of me feels as though I had been a little as well hasty, but the other part
    says that he was clearly creating a public statement.
    I chose to study that assertion as PLAYER’!

    Posted by dating tips from my future self imdb | May 4, 2013, 7:23 am


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