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We Real Cool | We Real Cool | We Real Cool

gwendolyn brooksIn honor of everything that is going on in our country this week, I just wanted to calm things down a bit for you and offer this poem in love.

Sometimes, we just need to stop and be thankful for all that we have, because life is short. You never know when your time is up. Just remember that this too shall pass and that LIFE IS GOOD.

I felt that Gwendolyn Brook’s work was the proper call for today. The poem is entitled, We Real Cool. Listen to the poet/writer talk about the poem and its significance during the time that she wrote it. It’s one of my favorites by the writer.

My prayers are going out to the souls that were lost this week in Boston, and yesterday in West, Texas. Ase’.

*Interested in donating items to the victims in West, Texas, they’re requesting: canned foods, water, clothing, bedding and stuffed animals for the children.

Donate Here:

American Red Cross, Waco, Texas Chapter.


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