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The Future: BLACK GIRLS & Art Movements

monaeTonight at 7:54 PM EST there’s an epic music revolution that will enter in our psyches.

Stop whatever you are doing, and witness it. Music’s electromagnetic Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu have teamed up to produce a hot new track (another will be on the way soon).

If you visit Janelle Monáe’s website there’s a poem that is being typed right before your eyes (I don’t know who is actually typing) and goes something like this:

Every album is a suite.

Every song is a experience.

The next suite is called the Electric Lady.

And the first experience is called: Q. U. E. E. N.

I thought it was kosher to leave this post as simple as possible — Sometimes the less words the better.

Interesting fact, Nina Simone transitioned today in 2003; I believe this is a very special moment for us all.

Let’s sit back,chill out, and get recognized for being a Queen. Women we don’t hear the term often in these days and times — relish in the moment.

Watch the countdown + the livestream here: http://jmonae.com/


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