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Keep Calm | Stay Convinced

img_2038What writer do you know that actually goes to sleep during regular hours of the day/night? I don’t know many; and this post needs no comments or validation. I had to take the weekend off from writing to get back on top of things mentally and physically.

I made it a point to read several magazines that I subscribe to, because the news outlets online are a disaster. Everything looks the same, I refuse to still purchase an iPad. I’m doing just fine with my Lenovo and Kindle Fire HD! Ain’t no future in front’n.

Thinking aloud in my soprano #8 inspired-voice, I decided to post a mantra for the week (look to the right >). We all need it in these days in times. If you have a problem with curse words, or thinking outside the box move on quickly but do tell someone about this blog-website.

I urge each human being this week to love yourself. Do what you feels makes you happy. Life is good and it’s not waiting around to see if you are happy or ready to get in engaged.

There are twenty-four hours in a day. Take at least one hour to relax with ease. It’s better to walk away from some things for a minute, reassess the situation(s), and then proceed with caution. In the meantime: Keep it Nerdy | Keep Calm | Stay Convinced!


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