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Summer Up Close & Personal | Pimping Fabulosity

Summer-2013-logoThis summer it’s all about being in tune with your STARPLAYER and living the life with SWAGIC SAUCE! I for one believe that we all should just live the wild life for a change and go for it all this summer 2013: Meaning whatever you want to do — just do it!

There are a few things on radar that I wanted to share with you to get your going for the summer and everything is FREE of Charge. Share this blog post with others and let me know how your summer turns out.




Diahann-Carroll-James-Earl-Jones-Claudine-movieFinally, I got the chance to see the movie CLAUDINE a couple of weeks ago starring Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. It’s one of the best that has graced my screen in a long time. I feel so bad that I finally got to see this in my mid-thirties. s/o to all the 70s babies you will bask in happiness after you see this ish! If you ever wanted to know if things have changed in the Black community about survival of the fittest, look no further your answer is on the way. Sit back, pop some corn, and get that wine glass ready (or whatever beverage you pushing), because this is going to be a film to remember!

View Film Online:





soul_glo_-_ora_mens_cuI’m a huge fan of music and there are some really great artists that are dropping music now. However, I wanted to share a special virtual mixtape with you. Let’s go way back to the funk days. You know when our parents were wearing afro’s and chilling in the park doing whatever the hell they wanted to with no care in the world.They were letting their SOUL GLO! Bring that vibe back this summer with some of these heavy hitters via this mixtape (old and present). This download is FREE of Charge. Make sure you turn your speakers up and blast this ish for the masses. Feel good music is in order for summer 2013! Get your groove on with the SOUL GLO SUMMER SERIES | Access Granted:


Featured Artists

“Soul Glo (Coming to America)” Christopher Max | “Bound 2” Kanye West | “Way to Love” Tweet
“I Found Lovin’” Fatback | “I Found My Smile Again” D’Angelo | “U Do It For Me” Algebra
“Day Dreaming “ Tweet | “Day Dreaming” Aretha Franklin | “I Want You” Erykah Badu
“I Love Every Little Thing About You” Syreeta | “Ain’t Misbehavin (For You)” Chris Turner
“This Love Is Sweet” Curtis Mayfield | “This Love Is Sweet“ LaToiya Williams | “Soul Glo” Fatima




threeamigosv4There’s  nothing like attending a FREE concert. Well I just found out that Coors Light Summer Concert Series is giving away FREE tickets to their events this year!!!  Via the link provided below this excerpt | enter your date of birth, select a city and RSVP online. Capacity is limited. Entry is not guaranteed. Must be 21+ with a valid ID to attend. NOTE: They’re going to have concerts in Dallas, Charlotte, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philly, Chicago, Atlanta, and NYC.

Access Granted:





freebooksI thought it would be best for me to just post some awesome links for you to download free books to read on your techie device. I encourage everyone to get a FREE library card this summer and check out movies, books, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Sign up for the Adult summer book club at most libraries. Encourage others to read this summer as well. Reading is fundamental every day of the year!

Download Books:




HTDWqh5BET is trying to do better — I think. I rather not spell out their acronyms. They have gone scandal on Black sisters and enlisted Gabrielle Union to revive their outlook on the independent woman of color with Being Mary Jane (a movie turned original series). The series was created by producer Mara Brock-Akil. I was so excited to watch the supertrailer and it looks like it’s going to be pretty good! The movie, starring Gabrielle Union, debuts on the cable channel on July 2 at 10:30/9:30PM CST. The character of revolves around the main protagonist Mary Jane Paul (played by Union), a successful talk show host, who on the surface has an enviable lifestyle. Still, her life is far from perfect. Ladies, if you loved Scandal — then definitely give Being Mary Jane a try!

Watch Supertrailer:


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