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SINGLE LADY DATE NIGHT | Robert Glasper Experiment

Robert Glasper ExperimentIt’s been a minute. I was out-of-town for a week. I attended the 8th National African American Librarian Conference in Cincinnati/Greater Northern Kentucky. I had a fabulous time and when I returned earlier this week my last summer session in graduate school came to an end. I have two more semesters left and I officially will be an Art Librarian. It has been a long road and I got a chance to celebrate and receive an award while I was out-of-town. With that being said, I need a break from the creative and academic madness. I do a lot and have ish on my plate for days. I ain’t complaining, but this literary soul sister needs some music in her life: Hip-Hop and Jazz!

Tonight, I will get the chance to be up_close and personal with The Robert Glasper Experiment. I got to see this jazz/cat/group last year and had to sit out on a balcony to hear their music because the establishment that held the free concert was so packed that it just made sense to listen to his music with the wind. Well this time around, I will be all up on him and then some. I’m so intrigued by his music and Glasper is a native of Houston, Texas. The FREE concert tonight will be held at Miller Outdoor Theatre and starts promptly at 8:30 PM.

Finally, I get a chance to enjoy the summer for one night without any distractions. I need this and can’t wait to get jazzed up and sexy for a date on the town with Me, Myself and I!

Listen to the music of The Robert Glasper Experiment:



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