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An Open Letter to Hip Hop | By Antuan Simmons

Hip Hop when I first met you, you were beautifulhip-hop-garfield-1_447_414
You spoke about the struggle and the streets
You spoke about what we were experiencing
Lack of jobs, drug use, poverty, and racism

You was our leader, everybody looked up to you
You was our voice when we couldn’t speak
You was our hero, our teacher
You spoke about everything we went through

You were not scared of our oppressors
You spoke your opinion with boldness
You showed us that we were a somebody
You gave us confidence, you showed us strength

You created our own style and fashion
You created our own music and literature
You created a culture for us, and we embraced it
We gained love and respect for ourselves

You gave our youth hope
You gave our elders peace
You gave the suicidal a reason to live
You gave the depressed laughter

We loved you hip hop, I loved you
You was our closest of kin
You was our savior
You was our religion

but something happened, you changed

The industry knew your power
and the ability of your influence
You was an animal that had to be caged
The stallion that had to be tamed

You gave the underprivileged to much knowledge
You gave the oppressed to much truth
and the powers that be grew fearful
You was becoming more than what they expected

You was becoming to much of a threat
You was to encouraging, to positive
but they knew you was a great asset
so instead of silencing you, they corrupted you

They approached with offers and promises
how the devil tempted Jesus to give him the world
but you had to change everything you were
you had to play the music that they wanted

Your chance to be the famous, the most riches
So you agreed to their terms, and changed your music
They gave you a script and turned you into a character
A puppet on their strings, you had to play their part

you thought “It’s all good” I’ll make the money
Then I can give back to the community
but it never crossed your mind
you’d become the tool killing the community

Conscious, self-awareness, and knowledge
vanish from your lyrics
and was replaced with materialism
your verses became vulgarity

Your new lesson was based on trivial things
It lacked spirituality and righteousness
You taught drug use, sex, violence, and degradation
You showed this is the right way to be

The very thing we were trying to avoid being
You blazed a fire trail going the wrong way
And the industry loved it
because you became the role model of ignorance

You was suppressing the mind to grow
and you became that whisper In the dark
that voice inside the head
that conscience within the soul

you told that man to pull that trigger
get drunk off that bottle, take that smoke
not use protection, lie to get ahead
belittle your brother, down talk your sister

You told that person to have money over morals
ignore being educated, disrespect the good
make fun of the honest and hard working
take advantage of the kind man or woman

You drew young men a fictitious world
that they could not afford or live in reality
You told young women
That they had to prostitute themselves to get ahead

and the results were staggering
A piece of the world lost and misguided
you became rich, but the industry became richer
in your wealth, you damned millions

You sold your soul along with others
you were given the world and all it’s fortune
created a self-destructive path of those who will follow
Making it harder for God and his angels to fix it

Instead of helping the struggle, you increased it
The industry instructed to never show positivity
Show the negative, feed them what the media and industry wanted to show
The more negativity you fed and the more the industry paid you

and you built a golden castle that could reach the skies
and the foundation was destroyed minds and misled souls
messed up mentalities, twisted thoughts
imprisonment, death, and ruined lives

I loved you Hip Hop, we’ve been friends since I was a child
I remember when you was about uplifting the community
I remember when you use to make us laugh, but still was real
You use to be your own person, now you’re just some game piece on a chessboard

You was our Angel
but somehow fell from the skies
now you so far gone
I don’t think you are ever coming back

I once heard that mainstream Hip Hop
was ruled by devil worshipers
I’m not sure if this is true
but listening to your music, message, beats and lyrics

It seems that there must be some kind of demonic influence

I loved you Hip Hop, I grew up with you
you was my confidant when I needed someone
that hand when I needed someone to pick me up
my friend when I was lonely

but my childhood friend
I just want to say
I still believe in you
I still feel there is still time to change

I love you hip hop

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Hip Hop | By Antuan Simmons

  1. Nice poetry buddy. I was similar like you. I started to fall in love with hip hop since elementary era (middle 2000’s). I was lucky, at the time hip hop was still wonderful and nice to hear. Bow Wow, Eminem, 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, Eve etc. The melody, percussion, rhythm and poetry of rap was magnificent and undescribable. Sad when rap began to changed to electro-rap back in 2010’s. The industry is getting messier and messier every decade. I love it when Tupac and Biggie were dominating 90s hip hop. They were a huge hit to rap phenomenon. Even my mumma recognized them as they were famous in her high school era(90s). From urban to juggular to trapstep to electro-rap. Recently rap is turning back to trapstep. I did not mind about the melody of rap songs as long as it has many meaningful message contained. As poet writted about how messed up the industry has now, it is absolutely true. No any doubt. Naked girls, throwing away money like confetti, show up wealth, show up orgasm acts, act like they on drugs whilst sniffin wrapped coccains; now this is why young lads, schoolboys and girls are tempted to commit crimes. Brainwashing, real facts manipulation, wrong source of examples. I feel awful at the same humored by these so called ‘real hip hop’. At least me want rap back like 2005; most tracks are about love, fighting poverty, arduousness of hoods from West, East and Southside. I am heart-touched. I cried. Because rap will never ever be the same as before. Nevertheless what can we do? We just have to live our lifes by listening to any good new rap songs. Evade the eerie-sounded ones. We sure going to miss the old hip hop buddy. We are sure going to miss. 😉

    Posted by Rabbit | January 8, 2016, 1:51 am

    Posted by Shaaron Wheeler | July 27, 2016, 5:49 am

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