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I’K I N D A Feel Like | 4_31-D A Y Z …

coffeeRight now I just feel like moving to another galaxy. The only thing that I know to do is to write about all of what is going on with me and what I see visually. You can read my work via my blog soflynmythirties — This shyt is serious with regard to transformation. I can’t even begin to start writing via this platform right now.

The world, our community, family, friends, and the entire universe is changing right before our eyes. I finally figured it all out tonight. I got it right. What I’m feeling isn’t crazy, it’s what it is. We need to wake up. I’ve gravitated to writing more for some reason — the right reason. I can’t get through to the masses like I need to if my own ish is not where it needs to be. Yes, I’m on some more lovyoself stuff and have to honor every feeling. Time management is in order. Things are out of control.

I started cleaning out my closet last night.


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