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African American Writers

Amiri Baraka, Black Arts Movement Founder Transitions | (1934-2014)

beat-3I walked into the grocery yesterday around 3:30 PM. I checked my cell-phone to see what was up with my Facebook feed. Why did I do that? Why did I nearly start crying in the aisle while looking for some cheese? Why did I rush to get everything not getting enough of anything — thinking in real-time about Amiri Baraka, Formerly LeRoi Jones.  I read via my feed that the prolific writer, poet, activist, thought-leader, and Black Arts Movement Founder had died. He was 79 years old. It had been reported that he was sick and hospitalized back in December of 2013.

I never thought he would leave us, right now.

I never thought that another writer (black male) would be taken so quickly

like a thief in the night

I never thought he would leave us, right now.

I never thought that another writer (black male) would be taken so quickly

Throughout my evening, I listened to his work, interviews, read some of his former essays and ordered two more of his books to be archived in my library.

Read the poem that I wrote in his honor:

[…this is the only way I get this out (emotions) per my alter-ego]

by atlas brown
(In Memory of Amiri Baraka)

turned on monk can’t stop thinking
cried for you –
you were already
the angels: picked you up
in a literary chariot
the prize
blackness personified x 3
you were true to the moment
to the movement

eh. eh. eh. eh. eh. eh eh. eh. eh eh.

the notes are going up and down
your voice is now on Youtube . com
could not find you in the physical
the angels
said your name softly
only you could hear it
the fight is over
you did good

the beat picks up
boom. batta. boom. boom. eh. eh. eh. eh. eh.

eh. eh. eh.

short – man – complexities
blackness in a world – not understanding nothing
this ain’t no code
brother man
this ain’t no code
brother man

eh. eh. eh. eh. eh.

the angels called your name
…found out on my cell phone

…found out on my cell phone
the angels called your name

eh. eh. eh.

you did good.
real cool player

you done good.
player real cool

you did/done good



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