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ESPN Analyst Stuart Scott Transitions at Age 49

Stuart Scott | Image Courtesy of zidlife.com

Stuart Scott | Image Courtesy of zidlife.com

I took my dog out for a walk and packed my SUV. My time in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas had come to an end. I had to take care of some business online and did that quickly. I decided to also check out my Facebook account, and immediately in my feed I read that Stuart Scott had died. He was one of fly’est sports broadcasters and journalists of the 21st century (Fact: He began his tenure at ESPN in 1993. Deal with it.). It kind of feels surreal thinking about his passing, I remember when I first saw him on the network…

His eyes, always captivated my attention. Stuart Scott is one of the reasons why I have the freedom to be creative with vernacular and text as a writer. His prose and rhythmic poetical lines captivated television screens, radio, and commercials opened doors for many African Americans in broadcast-journalism. Scott’s demeanor was a class act to follow. His confidence was not looked upon as arrogance, because he knew who he was in every situation. And, he demanded his respect, all the while rock solid with his charm. Stuart Scott knew the game of life and that was to live – regardless of the amount of time that have to live.

#RIP | Stuart Scott | 1965 – 2015


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