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National Poetry Month, Jodeci, and Everything Else


Well, I am glad to say that National Poetry Month is finally here. Let us all dig deep. The world needs an ass whipping. Let your voice be heard. Say what you want to say, then say it again. Sit back and chill with me (my verbose) and read more about this subliminal mystery that I am starting to witness, through the lines of writing and the musical genius of a bad-boy rock band. It begins with what I do best, writing poetry.

So, I woke up and took a picture of Langston Hughes on the first day of National Poetry Month. It’s very interesting, I now live in the state of Missouri, and I have several things in common with several great poets as it pertains to my new residence. Mr. Hughes was born in Joplin, MO. The list goes on with other great names like Gwendolyn Brooks, Chester Himes, Maya Angelou, Mark Twain and Sterling Brown, Josephine Silone Yates and Kate Chopin (all born and lived in Missouri). I’m now starting to believe that my creativity as a writer is starting to emerge in the SHOW ME STATE and being used for what it was meant — to tell it like it is in all that I do as a poet, experiential fiction writer, and pop-culture critic. I believe in the fountain pen (I do for real.). It’s not like I’ve never had the confidence, but as the aging process-proceeds to parallel the perils of life… One must not give time to even think about what anybody feels or thinks. You have to be as hard as a rock and believe in your word, your truth, and your third eye (literary) – write. I write as a creative-being at all times in everything that I transcribe on paper, and I accept the addiction that I have to be myself with every thought as I write. Let’s move on to something that was unexpected – Spring 2015!

The musical godz knew that it was time for some new music to drop from the sky as an unexpected gift for all the true soldiers that have rebelled against the liquidation of music in general. Okay, it goes like this, Jodeci is the shyt. They will always be the greatest Black Rock Band of all time. This statement has been approved by me and that is all that matters. I remember when my mom allowed me to catch the city bus to see them in concert at the State Fair of Texas. I was determined to remember every move that they made, and sang until my throat was raw. My love for this group of musical geniuses will always be for their love of creativity, the guts to go against the grain and be in their own lane, not defined by anyone. True fans will appreciate the fact that Jodeci sounds like they never left the scene. Fact, they have been off the musical scene for twenty years – yes, we are truly blessed to still have them. I had the opportunity to watch their interview with The Breakfast Club (published the first week in April 2015) and they are well spoken for as artists and as a group. The album The Past, The Present, The Future  features production by Timbaland and Devante Swing. Neither one of these producers have lost their touch, and Devante’s writing skills seem to be right on target because each track is on fiah!

The album is and should be nominated for album of the year (I do not have to be reminded that the new year is just getting geared up to usher out more music, but I am biased in this instance – this is real music..), and nothing out to date can compare or even match up to the following tracks Incredible, Checkin For You, Every Moment, Stress Reliever and Body Parts. Oh, I could go on, but I would have to write a book. I mean this gift is that serious in context and what it means to music in the 21st century. The harmonizing and production is to die for and will take other so-called R&B groups out now years to comprehend.

Yes, The Past, The Present, The Future is that damn good. It sounds like Jodeci studied all of their albums including Forever  My Lady, Diary of a Mad Band, and The Show, The After Party, & The Hotel and decided to bring back originality and meaning to music. I urge you to buy a copy and if you are down on funds, download the album via Spotify.com.

The mystery in all of this: It’s okay to be cool, real cool.


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One thought on “National Poetry Month, Jodeci, and Everything Else

  1. You’ve inspired me to check out that Jodeci album!

    Posted by Shaundra Walker (@shaundrawalker) | April 4, 2015, 4:11 pm

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