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The Evolution of Jánelle Monae | Living on Planet Wondaland, Falling In Love With (My) Sexy

The Wondaland Arts Society

The Wondaland Arts Society

Hopefully, you are sipping on your favorite latte, because what I am feeling right now is the good-good | Ain’t nothing wrong with falling in love with [my] sexy, per Janelle Monáe. Yes, we are in the 21st century and if you did not notice, Houston We Definitely Have A Problem. The Black woman is in charge of ish that no.man ever thought would play out into their [our] psyche – psychologically the shit is on a whole different level. If you believe this is a farce, just follow the path below and become enlightened.

Not since Lauryn Hill has there been a musical artist that makes you stop, think about life, and make you want to flip the script and do the damn thang.

Janelle Monáe’s music does that for me, and make no mistake there are women in the game right now that are putting it down (gotz to give a s/o to Goapelle, Fantasia, and Jill Scott – true trendsetters). However, there is always one that stands out and their talent can’t be compared, compromised, or replicated. More along the lines of this beautiful artist, is that she is just what she shows the world in everything that she does in music, art, fashion, and as one of the founder’s of the Wondaland Arts Society.

Instead of writing a biographical picture of  Janelle Monáe life, check out her discography and how she has changed the game of music and brought a new message: “Categorize me I defy every label,” per  Janelle Monáe. When she dropped on the scene in 2010, I was chilling at the University of Houston and nearly lost my mind, because I could finally identify with another Black sister that made it cool to be a southern-bred artist that dressed the part, walked the part, and exhilarated cool blackness.

Her new track, “Yoga” is an ode to Atlanta funk, Hip Hop, and the classy-but-fancy vibe that their culture exudes artistically. It was quite surprising to see Janelle Monáe share her sexy side with the world, and she did not disappoint in this video. In music and art in general, you have to not be afraid of changing and evolving, always pushing to gain another demographic of fans. One can only imagine what her next album will be about. For now, chill out with me on planet Wondaland and enjoy the gifts that have been bestowed upon us….

Watch & Listen to “Yoga”

View Interview with Breakfast Club, Published March 26, 2015


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