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She Was That Good…


My aunt loved flowers. I love you Auntie Faye! I will never forget you. You will always be my heart and I will continue to make you proud.

I just recently buried my mother (summer 2015). I now have to go through all of this again and attend the funeral services for my mother’s baby sister – My beloved Aunt. I am in complete shock right now that she is gone and that all of this is happening. I just turned 39 years of age on Labor Day, and it is unbelievable regarding what has happened in the past three months of my life. I wrote a tribute to my Aunt Willie Faye Hatcher last night. I will be waiting on the words to come in the days to come to write a poem in her honor before I travel to Texas to say goodbye next week.

She was that good. She was a woman of grace. She was a lovely woman. She was a woman of GOD. She was that type of Aunt that would stand up for you in your right and scold you when you were wrong. She was my rock. She was my rock. She was my rock. She was the type of Aunt that would learn the dances that you showed her and she would be ready when u came back around. She was the type of aunt that would get jazzy and rock with you until she was tired. She was the type of Aunt that made sure when I was a little girl that my hair, clothes, and shoes was always on point. I had to be the show stopper. Hah! She was that good. She was something that can never be replaced. She (My Aunt) was an aunt, friend, sister, and mother to me.

She was that type of woman that made sure all of my friends ate when they visited her home. She never judged me. She never spoke down to me. She called me her: kYmmyK – She was that good. She spelled my name the way that I wanted it to be spelled and never questioned me about it. She was the type of Aunt that when I began writing poetry and decided to be a writer – she made sure she was at my first Open-Mic Poetry event and cheered me on. She was that type of Aunt that made sure that I made it to where I am today. I had no money to get to Missouri. She made sure I had a plane ticket to make it to my first job as a librarian. She was that type of Aunt that came to both of my college graduations and smiled for me as if I came out of her womb. She was that good. She was that good. She was that good. She was my Aunt.

She was the type of woman that would lay on the floor with you and read a book, color, make arts and crafts. She was that good. She was that type of woman that everyone in my family that had a child made sure they met her. She was the only woman that I know that could do anything with her hands and what an artist/craftsman she was (I often told her that she was my Black Martha Stewart)…. I can’t even explain it all in words right now… but, she was that good! She was the type of woman that spoke her mind all of the time – never wavering. “Turn light switches off on people!” I will forever remember those words. They work in the library too! smile emoticon

She was that type of Aunt that made sure I had a prom dress and was dressed to impress. She was that good. She was that good. She was the type of Aunt that wrote me letters and sent me cards in the mail. She was that type of Aunt that left me a message on my voice-mail for my b-day this year on Labor Day, a poem that she wrote for me entitled: ‘The Rocking Librarian!’

Oh, she was down for the movement (blacklibrariansrock and sexylibrariansrock). She was the type of Aunt that went out and made sure she built a library in her home and called me to tell me about each book purchase that she made: “kYm do you have this in your collection,” she often asked.

*There is so much more that I can say about my Aunt; I hope that I can live up to her standards that she set (A Very High Bar) now that I’m an Aunt.

What an Aunt! – What a Woman! – What a Friend!

She was that good, My Aunt | Willie Faye Hatcher. | November 1958 – September 2015

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