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I Woke Up this Morning and had a Conversation about ‘Formation’


Beyoncé accused of ripping off filmmaker’s footage in ‘Formation’ video

My homegirl left me a text message at 6 AM this morning about Beyonce’s new video entitled ‘Formation.’ I was elated to read all of her ramblings because I too had some issues with the whirlwind that was/is now in place. On the other hand, I wanted to start my day with a blissful feeling about an African American quarterback who has risen to the pinnacle of success receive his accolades today without any interruptions.

Beyonce will not have that, folk.

I watched the video and was clearly out of sync with her thought process.

The USA Today this morning online questioned if her new video was about unapologetic blackness. I beg to differ on so many levels.

Check out my post that I wrote on Facebook. Let’s talk about this – I am game:






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