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2016 The End | My Rotating Act with Emotional Expression: I Love Black Art

About ART | library Deco

sweet as the moment when art went “Pop”

captureI was exposed to art at an early age and have always gravitated to it – regardless of genre. Today, I am engulfed in African American Art and how it has impacted society. I thrive off of being able to create online exhibitions, archive Black art history, and research and write about the art form that is still dismal in American culture as it pertains to notoriety. During my graduate career, I decided to start an online African American art reference journal entitled, ART | library deco. It turned into something bigger than I imagined – a comprehensive art guide and resource for students, faculty, artists, curators, and the general public.

ART | library deco is an online African American Art Reference Journal, documenting the visual experience about art and literature through the eyes of Black artists and cultural institutions in the United States and abroad. The online journal features exhibitions and collections, art history, archived news, events and art reviews. The journal is updated monthly with new content.The online art journal has been in existence for 3 years and has a steady following.

View the latest information, documenting the triumphs in 2016 regarding Black Art in America and sign up to follow the online art journal here: www.artlibrarydeco.space.


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