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Back to Writing, Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance: Digitally Meeting Marion Vera Cuthbert

…Currently writing a biographical sketch about Marion Vera Cuthbert, an African American writer, intellectual scholar, and activist from the Harlem Renaissance. 

My writing days be like: While acquiring research for my next writing project, I discovered Marion Vera Cuthbert’s (1896-1989) interpretative (biographical) non-fiction entitled Juliette Derricotte, available to read online for free through the Hathi Trust Digital Library. I also found a mini-literary teaser about the body of work, published in the Feburary 1934 (Vol. 1 No. 2) edition of The Crisis. The  biographical sketch will be published in the next edition of the Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance.

The Crisis/Magazine Excerpt | Feb 1934 | 26 pages, Vol. 41, No. 2ISSN 0011-1422

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