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Frederick Douglass on Repeat Summer 2019: “What to the Slave is Is the Fourth of July?”

This 4th of July I am taking the time to listen to a speech that was written back in the day and is relevant in the moment. There is a quote that I read this morning by a newly elected political figure about the presidency we are under at this time. What I took away from what she stated is the following: Regardless of the current president being in office, we must think about the elected officials/representatives that have upheld his morals, values, convictions, and agenda for this country. In doing so, you must believe that accountability is important and every decision has a consequence. Go back in time and then think about where we are today! “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?” – It’s something to think about as you go through your comings and goings as an African American in these United States this summer and the next six months in this year. A new decade is coming and we must rise to the occasion.

Extended Reference:

Bookmark: Frederick Douglass Jazz Works – by Ruth Naomi FloydBookmark

Download pdf. (form): Frederick Douglass’ Speeches, Published in 1977, FOLKWAYS RECORDS Album No. FH 5528 © 1977 by Folkways Records & Service Corp. , 43 W. 51st St., NYC, USA 10023

Listen to “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July” · Ossie Davis A Voice Ringing O’er the Gale! The Oratory of Frederick Douglass Read by Ossie Davis ℗ 2009 Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Released on: 2009-06-30


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