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Remembering Why, Love Will Rain Down On Me…

I woke up at 3:55 AM on Sunday, May 9, 2020, and had to write about an epic time in my life: Jill Scott VS. Erykah Badu hosted by Verzuz Creators, Timbalind and Swizz Beats. I fell for the marketing schema and penciled the date and time in my calendar. Yes, I was one of the fans that had to post a picture up on my Instagram page to let everyone know that I would be in the virtual building. This moment and time is/was for the culture and Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, and Lena Horn were smiling in heaven at 7 PM CST. I logged into IG on my phone and the rest is history…No beef or competition; Black Love in #quaratinelife. I felt the holistic energy and it was real. Trill.

The visual backgrounds for both of the accomplished vocalists represented their unique styles. I heard Nikki Giovanni blasting some dope ass lyrics in the back of Jill’s virtual abode and Erykah provided the world with a backdrop of Bruce Lee (I presume that was him.) in motion and not missing a step. I definitely felt the ambiance of the era of artistry that I grew to love between the two divas styles. The live event brought in over 5 million + fans including First Lady Michelle Obama, D-Nice, Snoop Dog, and Queen Latifah. Illuminating love in real time is what made be proud as a Black woman. Both of the beloved musical goddesses were loving to each other, complementary to each other’s gifts, and possessed a sisterhood that you felt through the virtual screens, all the while viewing two Black women who are/were comfortable in their own skin.

Sipping on tea, wine, and a few other tings were in place to make the vibe just right. *Wink.

From the beginning of the session until the end, I went back in time and remembered why love was/is that good. I went back in time and remembered why love hurt/hurts too. Regardless, it was/is so good. I needed this moment in my life, was here for all of it and walked away feeling better about love. During a time, when the entire world is trying to figure out how to cope with pandemic, how to survive day by day, and taking one day at a time we all needed this gift! After leaving the session, I wanted that ole’ feeling to come back about music, hip hop as culture, and the days when you could pull up to a car wash and sit for hours with your home-girls, cousins, and the neighborhood. It’s a southern thang.

@ 3:55 AM Remembering: My Truth each moment that I heard LOVE slip from their lips, I remembered why I don’t mind falling in over and over and over with U (Up N down). Feeling like, like, that new – new will be – New.Love slipped from their lips and reminded me that LOVE is patient, kind, and worth waiting for…Yes, I am a little wiser_Now.I will meet Love on a Sunday…Love Rain Down On Me.

*Image Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/djrtistic/


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