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African American Issues

The Truth: Respectfully, Since the Middle Passage…We Been Chanting, “Black Lives Matter!”

Why do African American people have to explain to white folk the history of these United States? Why do we have to sit and listen to white folk tell us what is wrong with African American people versus taking the steps to understand and deconstruct their inherited racism? Why do we have to watch Susan, Karen, Molly, and Amy cry about how they care about Black people, but turn right around and come for the same people they care about? Why do we have to explain to white folk their history? Why? Since the Middle Passage, African American people have been chanting Black Lives Matter. We are still chanting in 2020. Why?

“…who among us can imagine ourselves unimagined? who among us can speak with so fragile tongue and remain proud?” ― Lucille Clifton, The Book of Light


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