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BLACK COVID-19 Lessons, Gravity Hold Me Down While…Listening to Eric Bellinger

Thanksgiving 2020….slowly drifted into the abyss in the wee hours of this morning. Right now, I am in another world simply writing – feeling gravity hold me down. Per my headphones, Eric Bellinger is singing his azz off. What a way to begin a new decade. I have been sitting on deck @ #44 for a brief second and it feels good to have received another year to do it all over again during the best month of all months: SEPTEMBER. The weather begins to transition at the end of the month bringing us into the fall season and then winter creeps in briefly in Texas through February. The end of the year is now embarking upon us, and I have thought about so much that I don’t want to think. Remember, my thoughts are everywhere in this post. No one knows the day, hour, or minute when it will be all over: LIFE. Gravity is holding me down right now. Okay, cool. Biden/Harris did that ish. Black folk did that ish. I did that ish. And, on some other ish – I just bought me a bike. Quickly, let me say this…The one thing that I believe that I could have done better this year is taking control of my stress level. I am good – don’t get me wrong. However, I want to be in complete control of my body. In my humble opinion self-care is on a different level than taking bubble baths, getting manicures and pedicures, and facials. Those are things that you are supposed to be doing on the regular to keep the sexy intact. What I am talking about is that inner love that we have all have been missing for a long time. I believe that the world was going so fast that we all were about to have nervous break-downs…not knowing it. Yet, the Universe knows all things. But, GOD. 

I forever will be grateful that I have been given the time to think about my life, view the world from afar, and decide where I want to go in the next ten years during a pandemic that provided me with a gift = T I M E. No matter how the year started it will always be about how you finish. I intend to take the next 40-something days of my life and do it. The it you and I both been thinking about doing but still pondering about if it’s the right way to go. I know it is. You know it is. And, by no means is this a therapeutic session. Let’s be very clear again, I am listening to Eric Bellinger and gravity is holding me down as I pen another moment during a pandemic and thinking about how I can be a better person and continue to serve my fellow man. I want to give a shout out to my homey Jesus! He has held me – Gravity – Aye. U get it. And, If you didn’t get that jewel I just offered you then you need to be listening to some country music. Lol. I keep it comical always. I accept everything that is coming before me too. Love is going to save the world, and gravity will be holding us down to keep it in place. 

Check Out Eric Bellinger:


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