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New Years Eve 2020: Therapy For Black Girls During the Time of Corona


[This post was written during the Therapy For Black Girls NYE online event, hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford.]

First, I am elated that I decided to purchase a ticket to attend the all-day Therapy For Black Girls NYE online event. There were a plethora of activities that we participated in that helped me ease through the day. What are you about to read was prewritten two days ago and has been marinating for this moment. So during the allotted time that we had to write I went ahead and proofed my work and here we are on the last day of a year that caught you and me off guard. My year (January) began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and I had the opportunity to visit one of my good friends in Harlem, New York while on the east coast. Luckily, I did get to organize and host the first Growing Your Roots African American Genealogy Conference in Austin, Texas during Black History Month. Then life shifted in March so quickly that the world from a global standpoint could not return to normal. I am still somewhat shocked that I am writing about living in a pandemic in the 21st century.

Recently, I had a phone a conversation with my cousin about preparing for the future. He had the audacity to laugh at me when I started talking about planning for the year 2025. Yes, I live my life day by day but I do believe that you need to think about what is to come or what you want to manifest for it to come into fruition. I will give him a pass – he is still growing. I have grown. There is a difference. Sitting at my computer and typing right now thinking about the birth of my homey named, Jesus and how he miraculously entered this world at the hands of God-Science. That was a mouthful. We are not in an English class so this post is not being judged or graded. It’s the last day in the year and to be able to write is a gift that I will forever use as a weapon for self-reflection, therapy, and advocacy. In the background, SZA feat. Ty Dolla $ign is blasting in my headphones. “Hit Different” / The track is wicked, sick, flipped, artistic, and music is going to save the world. With that said, I know you called his name this year: Jesus. And yes, I am cool like that with Jesus and SZA to say such a thing .

Because of COVID-19…Every soul that is alive has and have chanted to some entity that they cannot see in the physical. I have daily. If you want to refute this statement then just respond in the comments. Let’s talk about it. Kendrick Lamar said, “If GOD got us, then we gon be alright.” To put it another way, in order for you to survive in 2021 you must believe that you are going to be alright and be about it. There is a remedy for all of this madness and chaos. Okay, moving along because you know things are hitting differently these days. Remember the track that I started out with as you read this truth. I have so much to be grateful for and so do you if you woke up this morning.

In 2021, be happy – it drives people crazy.  This will be another challenge but I believe I will be able to master it. I do not want to be around negativity or in relationships that have no purpose. It is rare indeed during a pandemic that we all were given the time to look at ourselves and hopefully accept what the mirror has shown us. The past five years of my life have been hard to say the least and I finally in a place where I accept everything and want to become my best self! My grandmother told me when I was in my early twenties to not be in the world but of the world. Take that with you and apply it to your own life. As this next chapter begins to open up it is imperative to apply it in this new year. I am without any inhibitions. Let’s be clear, I am no longer adulting for adults. I matter. And, again I will be selfish with my being and still love everyone in the process. I take nothing for granted these days.

The audacity of her is my tagline in 2021 – there is nothing that I will let stop me from achieving my goals (including me). With the forecast in play already, you and I have been forewarned on all fronts about what is going to take place next and that is the blessing in this lesson is that we get another chance to do it all over again and become better. Meanwhile, let’s take each day that we are gifted slowly, but surely knowing that we have a purpose on this earth. They say that new year’s resolutions do not last and that within the first week of the new year most folk go back to their old ways. It’s time to flip this statement and be diligent about what we want to change about ourselves. Yes, 2020 was a beast to be reckoned with and I still made it through and accomplished more than I ever imagined. I am not looking back. During this life-process in 2021 remember where there is no rain, there are no flowers. 

Quotes to Dwell on 2021:

  • May all your wishes come true in 2021!
  • The future is your story to write… make next year the best one yet.
  • New Year’s Day is the first page in a blank book: Write a phenomenal story!
  • May all your wildest dreams manifest in 2021. You got this!
  • New year, new start. May all your dreams come true in 2021!

I will see you at the finish line in 2021 : Happy New Year’s!



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