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“Eyes On The Rainbow” The Assata Shakur Documentary (Film)

Assata Shakur is the first woman to be labeled as a “Terrioist” and placed at the head of the FBI’s (United States of America) most wanted list this past week, and it is baffling to say the least. The former Black Panther Party Member and Black Liberation Party Revolutionary was given political asylum in Cuba (1979), … Continue reading

The Future: BLACK GIRLS & Art Movements

Tonight at 7:54 PM EST there’s an epic music revolution that will enter in our psyches. Stop whatever you are doing, and witness it. Music’s electromagnetic Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu have teamed up to produce a hot new track (another will be on the way soon). If you visit Janelle Monáe’s website there’s a poem that … Continue reading

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